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Let's Get Stronger Together

Personal & Small Group Training

Whether you’re new to the gym or a fitness fanatic, personal trainers help to breakthrough barriers and achieve goals! With a custom, well-organized plan, working out is engaging and satisfying. Resist the risk of aimless gym trips with a little help from our friends.

Work one-on-one with a YMCA Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. The trainer will evaluate health history, lifestyle and perform physical assessments that measure your starting point to aid in designing a program that will specifically meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

You must be a Meadowlands YMCA member in good standing to participate in personal training. All scheduled personal training and small group training sessions require a 24 hour notice for cancellation and/or rescheduling. All sessions canceled under 24 hours will be charged accordingly. All sales are final. Prices subject to change.


Monthly Plans allow you either 4, 8, or 12 sessions per month to schedules as you choose with your trainer. Need more sessions one month in time for a special event? Additional sessions can be added at the same per session rate! For more information or to register please contact Chris G.

The PT Packs offer you 5, 10, or 20 sessions to schedule as you choose with your trainer. The 5 and 10 packs must be completed within 3 months of your first scheduled session. The 20 pack must be completed within 6 months of your first scheduled session. For more information or to register please contact Chris G.


Get your crew together and get your fit on! Everything is easier and more fun with a friend. Small group training is for groups of 2 to 5 people. Our certified trainers will set goals and create workouts to meet the needs of everyone in your group. Package prices are per person and all those participating must be Meadowlands YMCA members.

**All scheduled personal training and small group training sessions require a 24 hour notice for cancellation and/or rescheduling. All sessions canceled under 24 hours will be charged accordingly. All sales are final. Prices subject to change. For more information or to register please contact Chris.


Take the first step toward reaching your personal goals and meet with one of our Personal Trainers for a complimentary Personal Training Session. It’s included with your membership!

Together, we’ll identify goals and limitations, and then develop a plan for improvement that meets your unique needs. We can guide your training in:

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Like you, Personal Trainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different backgrounds and experience.

At the Y, Personal Trainers have at least one thing in common—they have and maintain certification through at least one national health and fitness organization or a 4 year exercise science degree. In addition to national certifications, many trainers have special areas of expertise—like Olympic Lifting, Barre, Kettlebells, Running, and Youth Specific Conditioning—that require additional (and often intensive) training.

Please contact at cgonzalez@meadowlandsymca.org or 201-955-5300 to get started!

Chris Kusant

Chris got into fitness after suffering a serious head injury playing soccer. No longer able to play sports anymore, he took up strength training. After training throughout his time at The College of New Jersey and graduating with a Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science, he obtained his personal training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). If you’re looking for an experienced exercise science professional to help you reach your goals, Chris is your guy! He is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and Weight Loss Specialist (WLS) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
Specializing in – Strength training, exercise science, weight loss, senior fitness, kinesiology, corrective exercise

Anna Feliz

Anna grew up in Lyndhurst, NJ and went to Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, NJ where she played soccer and lacrosse. She graduated Stockton University in Galloway, NJ in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Her three favorite courses: Biomechanics and Sports; Mind Body Conditioning; and Nutrition for Health sparked her onto a path of wanting to help others with body conditioning and personal improvement. After college she decided to go into personal training and has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for the past 16 years. She loves being able to help people reach their individual goals by giving them that extra push and exercise routine structure, improving lives through exercise. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor, she has a strong understanding of how the body moves and works and how different machines and equipment work to progress or regress a client. She has taught various styles of classes over the years including Pilates Reformer, Pilates mat, HIIT, Abs, Spin, Barre, Total Body Conditioning, and Small Group Training. She has a strong knowledge of weight machines, Pilates reformer, Bosu, TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, exercise bands, and likes to throw some boxing and kickboxing into the mix sometimes. Anna loves to change up the routines and make exercise fun for her clients. She has worked with clients of all ages from children to seniors, including pregnant women. (And yes, it is totally possible to work out up to your due date – she worked out all through her pregnancy and still taught group exercise classes up to her delivery.)
Specializing in – Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Weight loss, strength training and conditioning, TRX, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist (WFS), NASM Group Personal Training Specialist, and Perinatal Fitness.

Rashaun Chambers

Rashaun was a three-sport athlete in high school playing varsity football, wrestling, and track. After hanging up the jersey, he decided he wanted to coach kids in football. He coached football for 4 years, and while leading kids of various age groups, he trained them to develop their strength and endurance. With his experience coaching and his passion for working out, he was able to get certified in personal training. His skills will help you to achieve your goal and more.
Specializing in – Sports performance training, HIIT, strength training, weight loss

Lucy Bates

In 2010, she began her career as a personal trainer, working at 24 Hour Fitness for over 10 years. In 2015, she became a master trainer and was recruiting, managing, and developing new trainers. Lucy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from Montclair State University and is certified through PTA Global. She has instructed classes such as Body Pump, Senior Fitness, Bootcamp, Children’s Bootcamp, Lose Big, Drop 2 Sizes, Senior Strength and her own Outdoor Women’s Strength and Conditioning class.
Lucy takes great joy in helping her clients look and feel their best. It is important for her to design her clients’ workouts to be appropriate for their own fitness level, challenging, fun and goal driven. Lucy records her clients progress in their charts with monthly measurements and fitness testing results to keep them motivated and on track. Her clients are most often women over the age of 35 and active older adults. She has worked with clients of all ages though, including those preparing for Police Academy, marathons, competitions, childbirth, and surgeries.
As an older trainer, Lucy has been focused on healthy aging. It’s a fact that after the age of 35 we lose muscle mass and bone density. If this is ignored, it will negatively impact the quality of your life. Regular strength training will increase your strength, raise your metabolism (aids in weight loss), build resilience, ease the management of chronic conditions, improve pain and stiffness, and reduce stress. Lucy has over 20 years of personal training experience, vast knowledge of nutrition and supplements, lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle, and investment in each of her clients’ goals.
Specializing in – Strength and conditioning training, TRX, senior fitness, weight loss

Hector Gomez

With his many years of experience as a Physical Therapy Tech, Hector has helped rehab many injured patients of all ages and athletic abilities. Hector is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He has an abundance of knowledge with regards to injury prevention, rehabilitation, and corrective exercises.
Specializing in – Strength and conditioning, weight loss, injury prevention, corrective exercise

Jamie Scangarella

Jamie is a certified trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a AFPA group fitness instructor and Pound Pro. She earned a degree from the University of California, San Diego where her postgrad endeavors led her to becoming a fitness professional. Being a lifetime athlete with a history of hypermobility issues, Jamie has a strong focus on injury-prevention and joint stability. She likes to meet her clients where they are in their fitness journeys and give them the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to develop a happier and healthier life.
Specializing in – HIIT, Tabata, strength and conditioning, flexibility, sports performance training

Sidney Mckinney

Sidney is a certified medical assistant, BLS certified, and A.S. Nursing Major anticipated 2023. He is certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). His philosophy is, “Functional strength for the life you live.” Sidney believes that what you do inside the gym should enhance the quality of your life outside of the gym!
Specializing in – Strength and conditioning, weight loss

Casey Scheiner

Certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association-CSCS, CPT. A recent physical therapy assistant student (soon to be licensed), Casey has been a personal trainer for over 12 years with a focus on movement patterns to help make people as pain free, efficient, and strong as possible.
Specializing in – Injury prevention, post-injury conditioning, flexibility/mobility, weight loss

Phil Stern

Phil Stern is a certified fitness professional since 2004. He began his love of fitness as a young gymnast. Phil was the New Jersey freshman State all- around gymnastics champion in high school in 1978 and was the USA collegiate rings champion in 1994. He has been working with children and adults for over 40 years. Phil specializes in movement-based and body weight types of training and loves to work with athletes of all ages. He currently runs the gymnastics program here at the YMCA and teaches a fit camp class on Saturdays and an Active Older Adult class on Mondays. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”-Melchor Lim.
Specializing in – TRX, kettlebell, Tabata, boot camp, HIIT, gymnastics, and sports specific training

Matteo Sullivan

Matteo is certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He believes the relationship between the mind and body is bidirectional; the sustenance of both is essential for a productive lifestyle. Matteo will help you achieve and excel at your lifestyle goals by establishing and adapting your habits to meet your needs.
Specializing in – Strength and conditioning, weight loss

Nicholas Palmieri

Nick has been involved in fitness since he was a kid. He thrives on helping people of all ages meet their fitness goals. He was a varsity wrestler at Paramus Catholic High School where he helped his team win the district title and consistently placed top 8 in the Bergen County tournaments. His passion is to help people change their lives and believes everyone has the right to be happy inside and out. He currently attends Rutgers University and is pursuing a degree in Psychology. This assists him in working with people and understanding their needs. He has his personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise and is CPR certified.
Specializing in – Strength and conditioning training, HIIT, weight loss, TRX

Delia Duran

Six years of experience working in the hospital setting as a Rehabilitation Associate, assisting rehabilitation professionals with patient care. Delia is certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She is currently working on obtaining her Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) certification through NASM. Delia will be starting Physical Therapy school in September 2023 at Rutgers University; wanting to combine knowledge from medical and fitness settings to assist people with overall health and wellness, injury prevention, health management, and optimal training. She is also Zumba certified and Strong Nation by Zumba certified.

Specializing in – Injury prevention, corrective exercise, post-injury rehabilitation

Carli McMorrow

Carli graduated from Kean University in 2015 with a degree in Sports Medicine. She used her degree and became a board-certified Athletic Trainer in 2016. She has been practicing since and is the Head Athletic Trainer for Bloomfield High School.

Being an athlete all her life, she is passionate about safe, functional training and encouraging athletes/clients to work on building their strength session by session. She applies her experience and knowledge to help her clients achieve their personal goals. Growth takes time. She believes in trusting the process and having fun while doing it! She is very excited to be a part of the family here at the YMCA and to show her clients that they are so much stronger than they think they are!

Daniel Nuncio

Daniel is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is continuing his education to get an Associates in Exercise Science at Hudson County Community College. After working in an internship in Newport Swim and Fitness, he learned that his passion is in personal training and helping people reach their true potential and breaking through their limits. He grew up in West New York playing different sports such as soccer, distance running, and boxing. Ulitimately he found his passion and excitement in weight training. He enjoys helping his clients get stronger both physically and mentally by giving them that extra push. He has worked with many different people from college athletes to seniors. 


Specializing in: Weight training, Strength and Conditioning, and Weight Loss.